Progress Report - 11 October 2003

The water tank sits in its pit ready for the pipes to be connected and a rain proof top to be built.

Ruben is spreading sand to form a base for the brick pavers that will cover this clothes line patio.  We will make it like the patio at Las Casas.

When we removed the kitchen walls to make the new larger family room, we had to leave the header beams and the bricks above the beams.  To soften this interruption in the flow of the ceiling, we have added a small column at each end and a bit of an arch.  This will act as a subtle separation between the dinning and la sala areas.

I was sitting on the bench under the shade trees looking at that growing pile of rubble and trash when along came this gentleman and his son looking for trash to haul away.  It took two trips in his two-burro wagon.  A bargain at US$20.  This was the 5th time we have had trash hauled away.

On the right is a swarm of buzzards.  There is in Lerdo the largest buzzard roost I have ever seen.  In the fall and winter (but not spring and summer)  hundreds of them sleep in the tall trees along the main boulevard  to Gomez Palacio.  Nobody walks on the sidewalk on that side.

I grew up in the ranching country of central Texas where buzzards are common, but I have never seen anything like this.  Where do this many buzzards find things to eat on the desert?

PROJECT COST SUMMARY  -- 11 October  2003

Activity Dollars Pesos   Status
Building Shell 7,736 77,363   On Going
Utilities:  Electrical, Plumbing,   Sewer and Air Conditioning 2,621 26,208

On Going


On Going

Worker's Benefits 650 6,500   On Going
End of Job Bonuses

On Going

Social Security 530 5,303

On Going


11,537 115,374

On Going


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