Progress Report -- 18 October 2003

We began the week by starting to convert a part of the back walkway into the laundry room. This will require an end wall, door and roof.
Before pouring the concrete for the wall base, we inserted short pieces of PVC pipe through which water pipes and electrical wire will run later.

By week's end the new wall was done and the old, damaged back wall in what is now the clothes line patio had been repaired.  New and old were stuccoed and ready for paint.  
We also got the water heater and pump set in place and ready for hookup. 
The laundry room will get a roof as soon as we can get the new plumbing connected and remove the old wood-fired heater (arrow).  We have to maintain a working bathroom because papa still lives here amid all the hammering and rubble. 

Santa Claus stopped by to work on the electrical.

These breaker boxes for the house and the shop will be covered by a nice wooden cabinet.

The plaster guys are working upstairs making their usual awful mess.  This is the upstairs bathroom.

As a worker's benefit, we provide the mid-morning meal.  Some days it's tacos from a vendor in the Plaza, but more often it's very good gorditas from Aunt Isabel's little shop. (She's papa Valdepeņas' sister. I think this whole town is kin.)

PROJECT COST SUMMARY  -- 18 October  2003

Activity Dollars Pesos   Status
Building Shell 8,600 85,998   On Going
Utilities:  Electrical, Plumbing,   Sewer and Air Conditioning 3,267 32,665

On Going

Interiors 61 612

On Going

Worker's Benefits 700 7,000   On Going
End of Job Bonuses

On Going

Social Security 530 5,303

On Going


13,158 131,578

On Going


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