Translators and Dictionaries
Updated 16 August 2009

On-Line Text Translators

These two provide translations of webpage well as your own text
Google Translator
  and AltaVista Translator

On-Line Bilingual Dictionaries my favorite at the moment 

This is an excellent dictionary by American Heritage:

This one is a detailed dictionary of health related words:

Translation Software for Your Computer  (off-line access)

Houghton-Mifflin has a bi-lingual dictionary that pronounces both English and Spanish words.  It also inserts a clicker into the Word tool bar, which is very handy when writing in Spanish.  This eReferenceEspaņol  is the best one I have found.  A good buy!  This link lists several dictionaries, so look for the Spanish one.  Downloadable.  The sound function is on their website, so you must be connected to the internet to get the sound -- easy if you have DSL.  There is a somewhat awkward on-line access to this dictionary on Yahoo.

Here is another less powerful translator (without sound) from Transparent Language: Spanish Lexicon Translation Dictionary   This one has a much smaller vocabulary that the Houghton-Mifflin listed above.

This one is a translator/dictionary by Exceller  
Webster's Spanish/English Dictionary

Food Related Translators and Dictionaries

I like the one:  Mexican Comida and Something More

Here is another:  Food Lexicon

and, of course, my own which is the largest and most detailed


Computer words

Mexican Slang

Hardware translators by Franklin

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