OK Maguey Restaurant

Miguel began by showing us this tray of steaks.

They also offer two each chicken and cabrito dishes and a variety of tacos.  No pork or lamb. Only one fish offering,


This is a small part of their very large salad bar. One could make a fine meal from the salad bar alone.



We began with very large shrimp cocktails and a tasty dish of guacamole.


I had this fried white fish with French fries, rice, guacamole and a  little salad.  I have better at home.

Each of the guys had this large rib eye steak with baked potato, onion and a chile The guys said the meat was very good.

We enjoyed the large cake and ice cream dessert bar

They offer free, covered off-street parking and TV without sound (yea!). Of the three steakhouses we have visited (OK Maguey, Garufa and La Majada), only this one has a salad bar, but their menu has fewer choices of beef and non-beef items.  OK is a fine restaurant, but we might not come here again because there are better choices although more expensive.

Total tab with tip was $1,250 pesos = about $25 dollars each for four hungry guys -- the least expensive steakhouse we have visited.

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