La Majada Restaurant

another Sunday lunch with my English students

La Majada is a large steakhouse in Torreón.  The menu has more cuts and preparations of beef than I have ever seen.  They have cabrito (kid, young goat) in several forms,  only a few chicken and sea food dishes, and lno lamb nor pork which is a disappointment to me. They don't have a salad bar, and there are only two salads on the menu.  The service was reasonably prompt.

The restaurant has the best air conditioning of any place we have visited --definitely a good place to go on a hot summer afternoon.

We also enjoyed the live music.

As is our custom, Nery and I went first to try out the place before bringing the other two guys in our monthly Sunday lunches. 

It passed with flying colors.

Jesús, our waiter, showed us the steak sample platter.  They have several more choices that are not on the sample platter.

He also brought us a dessert tray.  I have now visited here three times, and the dessert tray has been different each time.  And always sinfully good.

Our checkout visit.  10 July 2011

Nery began with a plate of fried beef offal (intestines) which he ate as tacos with a chile salsa. I tried one.  Not my thing.


His entree was a thick, juicy steak with chiles and a baked potato.  He said the steak was wonderfully flavorful and tender.


I started with a very good shrimp cocktail.   

My entree was 7 BBQed prime ribs. Excellent.  Much better than the beef ribs we had at Tony Roma's.  Reminds me of the ribs I enjoyed at Victoria Station in San Francisco many years ago.

My dogs were so excited to get the scrap bones.  Now the yard is littered with rib bones.

Second Visit -- Enrique's Birthday  15 July 2011

Enrique and I both enjoyed a shrimp cocktail. He had chicken fajitas that included guacamole, rice and a baked potato.  I had leg of cabrito with a baked potato and a side dish of guacamole (not shown in the picture).

I am very fond of cabrito, but this was not the best I've had.  It was a bit dry; a simple gravy would have helped.

Sunday lunch with the guys  17 July 2011

For starters Misa had Queso Asadero Derretido.  A sea of warm melted cheese with mounds of sliced sautéed poblano chiles and  onions, sliced tomatoes, a few hot chiles, and some diced beef.  It is eaten wrapped in tortillas..

Alex and I had bacon wrapped shrimp.

These are really small entrees, not appetizers.

I had brochetas de pollo (skewers of chicken) with onion, green bell pepper and pineapple; a baked potato, a couple of grilled chiles, and a side of guacamole.  Very good.

Misa had the BBQed prime ribs.  My dogs were so happy with the bones!

Alex had fillet mignon covered with a mushroom gravy with a baked potato and guacamole.

Nery was not with us this time because he had to work on the family farm planting corn for this year's second crop.

In three visits, we have had seven three-course meals with soft drinks for a total cost with tips of $2,890 pesos; or an average per meal cost of $413 pesos which is about $36 dollars.


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