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Last Update 21 March 2014

The INM Application Form is the basic everything form for applying for any visa matters.  Working permits are not covered here.

Formato Básico This completed form and two pictures are required for the first application for a Residente Temporal  and Residente Permanente Some INM offices require this form with every renewal.

This is a new (2014) version that replaces previous versions of the form.

The form is easier to use if it is downloaded to your computer for filling out and printing.  The form must be filled out in Spanish.

This fill-out version was made by my friend Ric Hoffman.  Ric has provided English instructions for each block that you will see as the curser moves over the block. (This hover-over feature is not supported by all browsers.  That's it why I suggest you download the file.) INM has provided instructions in Spanish at the end of the form.  An English version of the instructions follow the Spanish.

The pictures required are one front and one right side infantile size color pictures with no jewelry. Just like the pictures for the application. 

Checking on the progress of your application or renewal can done from this website.  The Pieza is your application ID number.  The INM office will give you the Contraseña (password) and the NUT numbers when they accept your papers.  After you enter the Pieza and Contraseña, click on Buscar, and a new page will come up asking you to select the NUT -- probably only one choice.  Then all the particulars of your application will appear.

Not all offices support this online service.

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