The INM Application Form

Formato Migratorio para Tramites de Estancia

Format for Immigration Procedures to Stay

Last Update 21 June 2014

This new system seems to still be evolving.  I will continue to revisit it from time to time.  Don't be surprised if you find your experience to be a bit different than what is described here. 

This is the basic do everything form that must be filled out online, printed and taken to INM with the other required documents.

I have not included information about business applications.  You will need to discuss these matters with the INM office.

Before you begin, be sure to turn off any pop-up blocker you may have on your computer. because at the end of the process, a box will pop up containing your document ID number which you should write down to use in case something goes wrong, and you are unable to print the final form.  If the system fails to provide a printable copy of the application,  you do have not a big problem.  The file number (NUE) is enough for the INM folks to pull up your application. The number will be 13 digits, right-justified with as many leading 0's as necessary to completely fill the 13-digit field.

When the PDF page appears, save it and print it to take with you to INM.  It will not look like the form you filled out.  This file will remain in the INM computer for 90 days before it self-destructs.  This means that you must make your visit to the INM office within 90 days after creating the file.  It also means that if you discover an error after you have saved the application file (as I did), you can start over and make a new one knowing that the bogus one will disappear without anyone ever seeing it.

Be sure to enter your name exactly as it is on your passport.  If you use an initial in your name, do not put a period (,) after the initial -- the period will give an error message when you try to save the form.  Likewise, do not us # in your address.

The application process starts here.  First, read the instructions below.

The first question box is (What do you want to do?)

The second box


To change from a Visitante to a Residente Temporal

This change cannot be done in México.  You must return to your home country and apply at a Mexican Consulate.  They will issue a temporary visa good for 180 days.  During that time, you must return to México and report to your local INM office within 30 days to complete the process and receive your Residente Temporal card.

When you return to México, you will need to fill out this form:

In the first box, select Canje o reposición de forma migratoria (exchange or replacement of your immigration)

In the second box select the first item: Canje...Residente (exchange)


To extend your Residente Temporal including changing from No Imnigrante (old FM3)

In the first box, select Extender la estancia (to extend the stay)

In the are three choices. Select the second one- -- Expendition de Tarjeta de Residente por Renovacion ..

There will be a check box "Conozco mi NUE.  Checking this box will open screen for an ID and a security check. You will be asked to input your NUE number which is on your current visa card. When you have finished, click Buscar  Then your renewal application will automatically be completed with the same information that was on your last application.   Do not use this shortcut if anything has changed since last year's application. There have been reports that this form does not always work correctly.

To change from Residente Temporal to Residente Permanente

In the first box, select the second item  

In the second

To Add Permission to Work to Your Residente Temporal


In the first box select Obtener permiso para tabajar

There is nothing to select in the second box.

Change of Address

In the first box, select Notificar Cambios (to notify chabges)

In the second Notification de cambio de Domicilio

There will be a check box "Conozco mi NUE."  Checking this box will open screen for an ID and a security check. You will be asked to input your NUE number which is on your current visa card. When you have finished, click Buscar  Then your application will be completed automatically with the same information that was on your last application.  

There will be a place to enter your new address information.

Addition requirements are listed here.


Personal Information: Your name must be exactly as it is on your passport. Items without * are optional and can be left blank.

Apellido:  Your last name

Nombre(s): Your given name(s)

Nacionalidad actual: Your current citizenship

Nacionalidad anterior:  Your previous citizenship; select your current one if it has not changed.

Passport or other documents:  This section is optional and can be left blank

Address in México:

Calle = Street

Número exterior = House number

Número interior = Unit number, if any

Colonia = Neighborhood name

Estado = Select your state

Delegación o municipio = Select your city

Código Postal = Postal code

Teléfono particular (incluir clave de larga distancia)  Telephone number with area code. Optional. 
Numbers only, no - or ( )

Do not use a period (.) after anything; it will return an error.  For example: 601 Sur is a correct a street address; 601 Sur. is wrong.  If you passport name is Joe G. Doe, enter it as Joe G Doe.

Click Guardar when you are sure you have everything.  Then there will appear a PDF file of the finished form which you can save and print to take to the INM office.

Clicking Limpiar will clear the form.

Near the bottom of the form are these words:

En su caso, persona autorizada para tramitar, oír o recibir notificaciones

Si usted quiere agregar personas autorizadas es necesario que lo efectúe con el botón 'Agregar persona', de lo contrario los datos capturados en esta sección no serán guardados

Where appropriate, a person authorized to process, hear and receive notifications

If you want to add an authorized person, you need to click button Agregar persona, otherwise the data entered in this section will not be saved.

You may wish to use this section for minor children to set yourself in charge of their paperwork.



The application process starts here.  (URL updated 11 Nov 2010)

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