IE-6 terms in Spanish <> English 
Last update 22 Aug 2005

This lexicon is to help non-Spanish speakers who need to use internet cafes where the computers speak Spanish.  If you see missing commands that should be included, or if you find errors, I'd sure like to hear from you.  e-mail me at


Keys often missing on a Spanish keyboard:

' (apostrophe) = ALT 0146 

@ (at) = ALT 64



These terms were taken from English and Spanish editions of MS Internet Explorer v6.

Note that some of the terms are not literal translations, for example home = inicio, and should not be confused with regular translations such as home = casa.

Words marked * open a window where changes can be made that will affect the operation of the browser.  These windows have not been translated because the manager of the cafe is not likely to be enthusiastic about your messing with these things.

Spanish > English

English > Spanish

actualizar = refresh

adelante = forward

archivo = file

atrás = back

*ayuda = help

búsqueda = search

cerrar = close

copiar = copy

cortar = cut

detener = stop

edición = edit

favoritos = favorites

*herramientas = tools

imprimir = print

inicio = home

multimedia = media

pegar = paste

restablecer = reset

*tamaño = text size

*ver = view


back = atrás

close = cerrar

copy = copiar

cut = cortar

edit = edición

favorites = favoritos

file = archivo

forward = adelante

*help = ayuda

home = inicio

media = multimedia

paste = pegar

print = imprimir

refresh = actualizar

reset = restablecer

search = búsqueda

stop = detener

*text size = tamaño

*tools = herramientas

*view = ver


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