Galpao do Brasil

another Sunday lunch with my English students

This is a typical all-you-can-eat Brazilin steak house. The various meats are brought to the table on skewers.   The serving sizes are small, no more than 3 or 4 bites, which was just right to allow us to try everything with as many repeats as we wanted.  There are many offerings of beef, pork. chicken, and sausage

The total tab for the 4 of us with tip was $1,200 pesos = about $95 dollars.

This place is on the far north-eastern side of Torreón, a long drive from Lerdo.

We had previously eaten at Pampas do Brisil several times. It is much closer to home, and frankly, a lot better restaurant.

Most of the food at Galpao was good, but the service was unacceptably slow.

Large salad bar with soup and hot and cold pasta

My fully loaded salad plate. I'm not a big meat eater, so I love salad bars

A skewer of chicken, one of many kinds of meat and sausage

Delicious beef ribs carved at the table

This lady mixes drinks at the table

3 kinds of fruit pizza - strawberry, pineapple, and this banana. Not a winning idea in my opinion.

Excellent desert selections, but very small portions

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