Entomatadas de Pollo

These are a variation on the enchiladas she made in Enchiladas Durango.  Instead of a chile sauce, these are made with tomato puree. 
Six chicken (roasting hens) leg/thigh quarters are boiled with a whole white onion and several garlic cloves.
The commercial tomato puree is boiled to thicken.

Doņa Martha is also making spaghetti which will be served with a heavy cream sauce.  She always breaks the dry pasta into 2" (5 cm) lengths. (Which I think makes it harder to eat.)
The two tomatoes and ten serrano chiles will be toasted and made into a very hot salsa to go with the entomatadas.

When the chicken has cooled enough to handle, she begins shredding the meat after removing the skin and fat.

The lightly fried tortillas are dragged through the warm tomato sauce, filled with chicken and rolled.

These 'enchiladas' were good, but I like better the ones made with chile sauce.  However, these would be a good substitute for people who don't like the chile sauce.

An aside -- two of her grandkids wouldn't eat these because they don't like tomatoes.

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