Asado de Cerdo

The ingredients are  pork, ancho and pasilla chiles, onions, garlic, bay leaves, thyme and salt.  (The can of mixed vegetables is for the Mexican rice she cooked at the same time.) The ingredients are almost the same as used in pozole, but the method is different.

As the chiles are de-seeded, the anchos are placed in a pot with half an onion to be simmered until soft.


The pasillas and three garlic cloves are briefly fried in vegetable oil.



All the chiles, onion and garlic are pureed to form the chile colorado sauce.

Sometimes she makes a spicier version by using fresh jalapeņo chiles toasted with tomatoes instead of the chiles shown here.


The pork is cut into bite size pieces by daughter-in-law Gabi, wife of Enrique.





Bay leaves and thyme stems are added as the meat is simmered in vegetable oil in a covered pot,.




The pot is stirred frequently and a little more oil is added as needed.





When the meat is done, the sauce is added, and the pot is simmered for a few more minutes.




With rice, beans and fresh warm tortillas, it's a great meal.

She makes another version of this asado with nopales that I like very much.

Observer's notes:
Doņa Martha made Asado and Pozole on consecutive days, so it was easy to make a taste comparison.  I find it interesting that the ingredients for the two dishes are almost identical, yet the flavors are quite different.  The asado had a strong, smoky flavor where the chiles predominated over the meat, while the pozole had a rich meaty taste with just a mild flavor from the chiles.  The asado needed the companionship of rice and beans, while the pozole was a stand-alone dish.  Both were great!
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