Chile Colorado -- Red Sauce

We have seen Do˝a Martha make chile colorado for several dishes with slight variations for different applications. I have gathered together several of the pictures and present them here as a recipe for red chile sauce with variations.

All versions of chile colorado begin the same way.  Remove the stem and seed cluster from the dried chiles.  Then shake out the loose seeds.  

The cleaned chiles are simmered until soft.  They are usually simmered with half of a large white onion and 1 to 3 cloves of garlic.



Do˝a Martha's chile sauce always contains ancho chiles.  Pasilla chiles may also included as we see on the left.

Sometimes she sautÚs the garlic rather than boiling it with the chiles.

For some preparations she sautÚs the pasilla chiles  to be combined later with the boiled anchos.

When a more acidic taste is needed, tomatillos may be added to the boiling chiles.

Eventually, all the chiles, onions garlic, etc end up in the blender.

Plain water or the chile cooking water can be added to thin the sauce as needed.  It can also be simmered to thicken.

Unlike many cooks, Do˝a Martha does not strain the sauce.

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