A sope is like an open faced gordita with a little tostada influence.

They are made with the same masa as gorditas, but because they are open, they can be adorned with a variety of toppings, like a tostada, that would be hard to put inside a gordita.


The process begins with making the dough.  One teaspoon each of salt and baking power is added to the dry masa.  Then Adriana adds water as needed as she kneads the dough by hand.

While the finished dough rests, she prepares the toppings.  Today she is making a simple appetizer with refried beans, grated cheese and minced onion, topped with a dollop of cream.

Little balls of the masa dough are flatten in a tortilla press.

And then fried one by one on a comal.


As each one comes off the comal, while it is still hot and pliable, she crimps the edges to form a little bowl.

These little bowls are fried in vegetable oil, then the toppings are added.


I prefer sopes to either gorditas or tostadas.  A sope has half as much masa as a gordita and can have a variety toppings like a tostada but without the brittle base of the tostada that so often breaks apart on the first bite.

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