Today's lunch was a simple, almost meatless meal of tostadas with a choice of toppings.  Doņa Martha took the day off (boy, is that a joke, she works all the time) so lunch was left to daughter Martha and grandsons Rodrigo and Chico. (Enrique's sons)  I even helped a little.
There were three kinds of basic tostadas -- frijoles, avocado and mashed potato -- with several toppings each person could use to build custom creations.  Usually tostada day includes tuna.  I'm so glad we had a different meat today.

I had never heard of cueritos de puerco - pickled pig skin.  It tastes quite a lot like pickled pigs' feet which I like a lot.  Martha cut the chunks into small pieces.  This was a good topping to jazz up the mashed potato tostadas.

Shredded cabbage seems to be popular with everyone except me.

Chico is mashing the beans while Martha mashes the potatoes.  She had just shredded some cheese.

I peeled the boiled potatoes 'cause I like the skins.  The gang all think I'm a bit odd for liking spud skins.

Sometimes she makes a topping of chopped ham and chopped deviled eggs.  One of my favorites.

Rodrigo's job was to make the agua de piņa.  After the pineapple was pealed, it was cut into chunks and fed into the blender.  The well juiced pineapple was strained into a large pot.  Cold water and sugar were stirred in.  Nice drink.

Here's my plate of rice and the three basic tostadas with a little cheese sprinkled on.  The toppings are cabbage, pickled pig skin, tomatoes, onions and that bowl of salsa casera which Doņa Martha made.

Good lunch.

Five-year old Karina is my best girlfriend.

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