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Stuffed Leg of Pork

The work begins with a deboned pork leg. This one weighs about 3 kilos (6-1/2 pounds). The leg was deboned by the butcher.

Adriana and her son Nery (my English student) are taking turns injecting the leg with a cup of white wine.  They did 12 to 15 needle sticks on each side.


The leg will be stuffed with ham, hard-boiled eggs, raw almonds, and olives.  Prunes will be imbedded in the flesh.

Into the blinder for the sauce go onions, garlic, lime and orange juice, guajillo chiles, and Tone's steak seasoning.

Adriana opens the leg where the butcher cut out the bone and seasons it well with a generous amount of the steak seasoning which she rubs in well before laying in two slices of ham.  On top of the ham go the eggs, almonds and olives.  These are covered with two more slices of ham.

She closes the butterfly and cinches it with string.  Then she uses a knife to punch holes into which she stuffs prunes. And then sprinkles and rubs in more of the steak seasoning on all sides.

The chile sauce is spread over the meat and rubbed in well before the leg goes into a 350° oven for 1 hour per kilo (a half hour per pound) = 3 hours.

She covers the leg with aluminum foil until the last 15 minutes of cooking.

The grandkids, Eddy and Lucy, like the rest of us, are waiting for the feasting to begin.  It was worth the wait -- moist and ever so tasty.  I was very happy when she gave me a large piece to take home.

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