Progress Report -- 3 January 2004
Construction is Finished

This week we completed construction in the house.  We don't have doors or kitchen and laundry cabinets; they'll take a while longer.  The floor-to-ceiling wooden cabinets in the living room area hide electrical, TV and telephone panels.  They also provide a place for Doņa Martha the hang some of her many family pictures.

I am frustrated by my camera's inability to reproduce the wall colors correctly.  Each area has three walls in a near butter color with the fourth wall and ceiling the same color, one step lighter.  The floor tiles have the same two colors in a non-geometric pattern.  This creates a cool monochromatic setting for Martha's many pictures and wall hangings.  All the wooden items -- cabinets, dinning table and chairs -- will have a mahogany-color finish.  New couches for the living room have not been selected yet.  The couches and drapery should bring some lively color into the space.
Next week we start on rejuvenating the sidewalks.

These are views of the kitchen/dinning/living room open plan area.

This picture has the colors almost right.

Our trash hauler is back with a replacement burro for the one who died.

I have been amazed at how young children begin biking here and how common it is to see someone riding on the rear axels.  Here 5-year old Armando is giving his father, Coco, a ride.

PROJECT COST SUMMARY  --  03 January 2004

Activity Dollars Pesos   Status
Building Shell 12,788 127,879   Done
Utilities:  Electrical, Plumbing, Sewer and Air Conditioning 5,488 54,879

On Going

Interiors 5,310 63,100

On Going

Worker's Benefits 1,270 12,700   On Going
Bonuses 830 8,300

On Going

Social Security 1,148 11,483

On Going


27,957 279,566

On Going


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