Progress Report -- 8 January 2004
Sidewalks and Trees

The door maker arrived to install the front door.

The city approved the removal of a tree in front of the new front door location.  The approval required giving the city two trees to plant elsewhere.  The city gains an extra tree for each one removed -- a nice idea.

Removing the tree really opened up the front of the house,

The tree filled the trash wagon to overflowing.

Getting the stump cut down to ground level gave Ruben fits -- the ax broke.


Maestro and Nani set curved forms around the remaining trees.  Everybody else in town has rectangular cutouts for their trees, so I chose curves.

Ruben dumps the concrete for Maestro to spread and smooth on top of the old sidewalk.  This brings the sidewalk up to the new floor level of the house.

This is almost the spot where I slipped and fell into the fresh concrete.  What a damn mess!  I wish I had a picture to show; it was pretty funny.  And damn cold as I stood in the street with a water hose washing off before I got in my truck to go home to change.

Much as I would like to have that picture, I decided against a reenactment. :-)



On the left as it was in July 2003.

On the right as it is in January 2004.


Some time later the inside was completed and the family moved back home.

The windows have blinds. Curtains went up later.


Activity Dollars Pesos   Status
Building Shell 13,430 134,302   Done
Utilities:  Electrical, Plumbing, Sewer and Air Conditioning 6,650 66,498


Interiors 10,318 103,180


Worker's Benefits 1,315 13,150   Done
Bonuses 3,310 33,100


Social Security 1,906 19,059



36,929 369,289


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