Progress Report -- 27 December 2003
Almost Finished

The construction is finished.  We'll probably need one more week to complete the finish work inside the house, then a few days to build new sidewalks.
Two more weeks until I can sleep late in the mornings.
Doors and cabinets will be a while longer.  How long is anybody's guess.


Ruben and I are well underway hanging ceiling fans and installing switch and receptacle plates.


Coco completed the painting of the window frames and security bars.

The glass guys will come on Monday.

PROJECT COST SUMMARY  --  27 December  2003

Activity Dollars Pesos   Status
Building Shell 12,788 127,879   Done
Utilities:  Electrical, Plumbing, Sewer and Air Conditioning 5,388 53,879

On Going

Interiors 5,465 54,650

On Going

Worker's Benefits 1,210 12,100   On Going
Bonuses 830 8,300

On Going

Social Security 1,148 11,483

On Going


26,861 268,611

On Going


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