Progress Report -- 20 December 2003

The plaster work is finished sooner than I expected.
Left: Looking from the dining area through the living room to the entranceway. 
Right Looking from the entrance toward the dining area and kitchen island.
The dropped ceiling area hides the air conditioning duct.

The stair wall in the living room area.  The faux columns and archs soften the lines of the beams that we could not remove.

Left as it looked in July.

Right as it looks in December.

Tile and paint coming soon.

The kitchen is ready for cabinets.

The kitchen island has a niche on the dining room side where Doņa Martha can create a religious diorama.

The discoloration is because the plaster wasn't dry when I took the pictures.

Ruben is cleaning one of the new window frames in preparation for painting.

Here he is removing the glass from one of the two old windows which remain in place but need new glass and paint.
Coco build and installed the hand rail on the stairs.  Unforturnately the installation occurred after one of the guys fell down the stairs.  He was OK, but a tile on the bottom step was broken.  (A few after-hours beers were involved,)

Maestro is setting the baseline for the floor tile starting at the front door.

Coco is spraying the gold paint on the window frames and the security grill on the outside.

PROJECT COST SUMMARY  --  20 December  2003

Activity Dollars Pesos   Status
Building Shell 12,788 127,879   On Going
Utilities:  Electrical, Plumbing, Sewer and Air Conditioning 5,339 53,385

On Going

Interiors 4,354 43,541

On Going

Worker's Benefits 1,155 11,550   On Going
Bonuses 830 8,300

On Going

Social Security 1,148 11,483

On Going


25,614 256,138

On Going


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