Progress Report -- 29 November 2003

One last connection to be made in the new drain system to replace the old, slightly clogged line (yellow pipe at the bottom of the picture).


The metal top for the water tank pit is finished.

Maestro and Nani are pouring the floor topping which will make the floor level and cover the water pipes and electrical conduits that have been laid on top of the original floor.  The original floor was built at three different times at three slightly different levels. 
The little mounds are leveling points to guide the finishing of the floor.

In the midst of the floor topping, the upstairs doors arrived.

With the installation of the doors, the upstairs is now finished.

These are custom made doors.  The finished doors, installed, cost US$55 each.

Gonzalo decided to move in now that his room is finished.

I kept telling the guys that the bed frame wasn't going to fit through the tight opening at the bottom of the stairs.

It didn't; so Aloyd and Coco removed one side.  Then they got it upstairs.

PROJECT COST SUMMARY  -- 29  November  2003

Activity Dollars Pesos   Status
Building Shell 11,606 116,060   On Going
Utilities:  Electrical, Plumbing, Sewer and Air Conditioning 5,723 57,233

On Going

Interiors 2,148 21,476

On Going

Worker's Benefits 960 9,600   On Going

On Going

Social Security 953 9,528

On Going


21,390 213,897

On Going


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