Progress Report -- 22 November 2003

The water tank is in place and connected.  Soon we will complete the hinged top.

The water heater, its gas tank, and the pressure pump are connected and working. 

The patio is ready for clothes lines.

The upstairs bathroom is finished and in use.
All four bedrooms are complete except for doors which should come next week.  Papa has already moved into his room.
After the bad experiences with built-in closets in Las Casas, we decided to go with ready made furniture this time.

Nani is setting the drain pipe for the washing machine.  The 4x4 posts are holding up the newly poured roof over the laundry room.

We are replacing the old sewer pipes.  This trench runs though the new kitchen on its way out to the street.

Ruben working under the kitchen counter connecting the drain line for the sink.

After the sewer line was finished and covered with dirt, we built the kitchen island where the guys are about to pour the concrete counter top which will be covered with tile.

The hole in the front wall is where a religious diorama will be built.


Setting the bathtub was beyond our plumbing skills, so we hired professionals for that.  We still have a lot of work to do in this downstairs bathroom.

The window in the north wall of the kitchen/dinning area was removed and a smaller window took its place over the kitchen stove -- similar to the arrangement in Las Casas.  The little niche beyond the new window is where the gas tank for the stove will go. Its security door will be set in place next week.

[Later this wall will be torn up again when Doņa Martha changes her mind and wants the front door moved.]

Coco and cousin Aloyd are welding security bars on the window that replaces the original front door on the east wall.

We are about ready to paint the lower half of the house.

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PROJECT COST SUMMARY  -- 22  November  2003

Activity Dollars Pesos   Status
Building Shell 11,064 110,643   On Going
Utilities:  Electrical, Plumbing, Sewer and Air Conditioning 5,605 56,046

On Going

Interiors 1,962 19,619

On Going

Worker's Benefits 950 9,500   On Going

On Going

Social Security 953 9,528

On Going


20,534 205,336

On Going


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