Chili's Restaurant

Independencia 1300 in Cimaco Cuatro Caminos Mall  Google Street View

I had visited Chili's in the USA and in Torreón and was not impressed -- so-so food and poor service.  On Mexican Independence Day, I went again with my students for our monthly pig-out.  My opinion of Chili's has gone way up.  The food was very good. The service got off to a slow start, but after the Triple Dipper arrived, the service for the rest of the day was excellent.  The place was crowded with families with lots of kids.


We began with the Triple Dipper plate with Chicken Crispers, Southwestern Egg rolls, Fried Cheese, and three kinds of dipping sauces. All very good.


I had pasta Alfredo with shrimp.  It was very good although I would have liked a bit more Alfredo sauce.  A lot of medium size shrimp in a basil pesto piled on top.


Nery had a rib eye steak with massed potatoes and veggies.  He said it was very good.


Alex said his grilled salmon was perfect.  The rice and veggies must have boon good too, because he cleaned his plate.


Alter I tasted Misa's BBQed baby back ribs, I wished I had ordered that.  The meat was falling off the bones.  Certainly in the same league with Tony Roma's.


We ended with very good desserts. 

The bill with tip was $1,600 pesos or about US$125 at today's exchange rate.


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