Tony Roma's

another Sunday lunch with my English students

Two of my students Nery and Misa went with me to have a fine meal at Tony Roma's in Torreón. . Alex couldn't make because of a homework overload.

The cost with tip was $1,900 pesos. That's about US$162 at today's exchange rate.

We began with a very tasty spicy shrimp salad. The menu calls it a cocktail, but it's really a salad

Misa had the Baby Back Ribs.

I chose the St Louis Ribs.

Nery loved the Fillet Mignon, three fillets each with a different gravy and mashed potatoes with herbs and cheese.

We shared the Beef Ribs which were half gone by the time I took this picture.

The other guys have dogs, but they didn't want to take the bones, so I took all of them home for my dogs.  They went crazy over them. The pork bones are soft enough for the dogs to consume entirely.  The beef bones are too hard, so they just got very gnawed.

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