Down the street and around town to the Plaza

All the pictures on this page are along the way from my house to downtown.  

When I came to Lerdo in 2000, our street was unpaved.  It was awful when the rains came.

Now we have pavement and we are happy campers.

My pickup is parked in front of our happy purple house.

A couple of the big houses being built in our neighborhood.

Domes are very popular on houses and churches.

Most of the new houses are  smaller.  There is no concrete delivery except for big buildings, so concrete is usually mixed in the street and carried in by hand or head.   This often  makes a big traffic mess. 

Horse power comes in many forms.  Some of them make mighty big contributions to the traffic woes.  

Our little neighborhood store  sells a wonderful ice cream sandwich and other diet busters.

On my way down town, this main drag connects the 3 cities of Laguna -- Lerdo, Gomez Palacio and Torreón 

City Hall across from the Plaza

The main park covers 4 city blocks.  It is the largest of several parks located throughout the city.  On a summer evening, all the parks are filled with families escaping the heat of unairconditioned homes.

Basketball Many musical evenings here. Volley Ball and Street Soccer

 Broad walkways and a running track Rides for the kids in the evenings  Ice Cream bar across the street

The plaza in the center of down town early in the morning. 
Later there will be many people in the plaza all day.

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