The Family Valdepeñas - Activities

Birthday parties are a big part of  life here.    Always with piñatas, cakes and a sit-down dinner.

When it's not a birthday party, chances are it will be soccer on Thursday night or Sunday afternoon.  Our team, the Torreón Santos, were the national champions in 2001 and 2008.

Sometimes we watch at my house.

Gonzalo is cooking carne asada for the gang.

For the playoffs, the whole family gathers in the street in front of Doña Martha's house to watch and loudly cheer for Santos.  Doña Martha is the matriarch of the family Valdepeñas.

Sometimes in the family shop.

The Rio Nazas up in the mountains 30 to 60 minutes out of town is my favorite.
A pure, unpolluted mountain stream.   Deep for the big guys, shallow for the little ones.

The ole swimming hole.

I need a bigger truck.

Many good times at the Rio Nazas.

A different place on the river for an Easter Sunday outing with almost all the family.

Standing on the left end is Doña Martha Valdepeñas along with 6 of her 8 children and spouses and 8 of her 19 grandkids.   20 of us in 2 pickups.

Even Santa Claus got into the swim.  But he decided against riding on the log.  He'll stick to his sleigh.

These are the families of Las Casas.  Standing from the left are Gabriel and Martha, Michael and Rosa, Rayo and Coco.  


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