The South Building Second Floor Slab
4 - Pouring the Concrete 

A few last minute preparations before the concrete pour begins.

This box in the utility room will leave a hole in the floor for the air conditioning duct coming down from the roof to the first floor.

Coco is installing one of the stan-dards for the railing around  the front porch.

The concrete pouring squad has assembled ready for their remark-able  high-speed balancing act.

Each man wears a folded paper hat which he has made from heavy paper, usually a cement sack.  The hat provides a solid, flat surface for the bucket of concrete which the man will carry balanced on his head.

Two men keep the mixer going to supply concrete to 6 carriers.  This job consumed 80 sacks of cement.

A static picture cannot show the awesome speed with which these guys move.

One ladder for up and one for down.  They preferred to use their own ladders rather than the stairs.

At times there were as many watchers as workers as several neighbors came to view the concrete ballet. 

Enrique holds a rod for vibrating the concrete to insure a complete fill.  Iniz trowels the surface smooth.

The total lapsed time from start to finish was 6 hours including an hour lunch break.


The material costs shown here do not reflect the true costs for this phase because we have bought several things (electrical, plumbing, etc) for the entire project.

Cost to date of the south building
2nd floor slab, stairs and rough-ins
(US$   at 9 pesos per dollar)

The cost of the form lumber has not been included because it has considerable re-sale value.  Its net cost will be included later.


  $ 3,123



S 2nd floor slab on 7/20


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$ 53,750


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