The Sewer System
and update for 24 May 2003

Last July we began the work on our sewer line which will tie into the city line which is 3 meters (10 feet) under the street.  We dug a trench in the walkway behind the buildings (west side) from the north utility room out to the edge of the street.  Our sewer line starts at the north building's utility room where the waste lines from both apartments are combined to feed into the sewer via a catch basin.  The apartments in the south building are combined and fed into the sewer in a catch basin at that point as the line continues its decline toward the street.
This work has been done according to the city instructions.  This system is unlike any that I have seen in the USA.

We tested the system during installation by pouring water into the several rough-in waste pipes.  This testing has continued from time to time since these pictures were taken last July.  

The 4" PVC sewer pipe from the north building empties into a concrete lined catch basin with a 4" exit pipe that is about half a meter below ground level.  This is the start of the line out to the street.

Midway between the north and south utility rooms is this cleanout box where the test water is continuing its run to the street..

This week we returned to the sewer work.
The boxes were originally built to the level of the ground.  Now we have added more height to bring the removable tops flush with the brick pavers which will be laid on this back walk way.
These 2 pictures show the catch basin where the south building joins the line from the north.

  Two pipes coming in 

One going out to the street.

Iniz is working in the final box next to the curb.  From here the city will make the connection to the city sewer line.  

Each of the sewer boxes is topped with a metal frame into which the removable top is fitted.  

Coco made the frames.

Manolo is spreading concrete into a cover frame to make the tight fitting cover.  There is a little metal grip to allow the cover to be lifted as needed for maintenance.

The connection to the city line will be done when we are ready to connect to the water main.  The same city crew does both for a charge of about 3,000 pesos (US$300).  This includes trenching in the street and the connections.

With the sewer boxes finished and covered, Manolo has started laying the brick pavers in the back walk way.  We ran out of bricks, so we ordered more for Monday delivery.

Iniz and Nanny continue with tile work in the bathrooms.  Ruben and I are still doing final electrical hookups and trouble shooting.  Enrique has more plumbing to do.

And the ladies keep on shouting  HURRY  UP!

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