Building the Property Walls


The construction project began with a 30" deep trench which was filled with alternating layers of concrete and stones from a near-by quarry.  Stone is much cheaper than concrete, so the mix is about 2 parts stone to 1 part concrete.  This provides a firm footing for the walls which will be 10' high.

The stone is blasted from this mountain  at the edge of town.  This ugly scar is visible from anywhere in the south-western part of town. 

As is the custom here, all the con-crete is mixed by hand.  How a proper strength mix is achieved (if it is) is a mystery to me.


Rebar frames for the future rein-forcing columns are set in the footings.

The walls are build to half height, then scaffolding is brought in for the  top half.  As each section is completed, the connecting column is poured to give the wall strength.    

This is not earthquake country, but the walls are built to that standard.

One section of the east wall has been left open for access to the sand and gravel which our neighbor has allowed us to stack on his land.

The hand-mixed concrete is handed up to the mason to be poured into the top beam form.  This top beam, along with the columns located every four meters (13 feet), will stiffen the walls to provide good strength and stability.

For now the walls are done.  The front wall and the opening in the east will be completed when the house is done.  Now it is time to start work on the north end of the building.

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