Roof Sealing
and  03 January 2003 Update

The roof sealing system consists of seven layers: (1) a liquid sealer that was broomed on; (2) a coating of liquid asphalt; (3) a fiberglass cloth; (4) liquid asphalt; (5) fiberglass cloth orientated 90 degrees from the first; (6) a final layer of liquid asphalt; and (7) an aluminum paint.
These pictures were taken before the aluminum paint which will be applied next week.

The stucco work continues on the front and west side.  Probably two more weeks to complete the stucco, and then we will begin painting it.

One last room to be plastered and then touch-ups of dents and nicks here and there.

This is one of the closet wardrobes that Jesus, the cabinet maker, has finished.  His workmanship is good, but too slow.  We have decided to add a second cabinet maker in hopes of getting the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, closets and interior doors done in a timely manner that does not hold up the project.

In the whole project have a total of 11 closet/wardrobes, 12 kitchen cabinet units, 8 bathroom cabinets, 18 interior doors and 4 glass paneled front door surrounds.  The front doors we bought ready-made.


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