Triciclos -Tricycles
Pedal Powered Pickups

Here are just a few of the uses of this versatile workhorse.  Most cruise the streets, but some (marked *) operate from the same spot each day for specific hours by agreement with the city

Most triciclos are factory made, but some are made by local welding shops.

Moving day with a frame built above the home-made front wheel drive triciclo.

While most of the triciclos shown here are for street vendors, there are many other uses, and some are just the family car.

Mops and brooms at your door.

The green grocer on wheels.

From the nursery to stores.

Before starting his daily tour, Pedro is peeling tunas (cactus fruit) which will then be iced down.

*Tacos for the breakfast break.  By noon, this triciclo will be gone, and this will be a parking space again.

*Hot corn on the cob in the plaza in the evening.

The  balloon man in the plaza on a Sunday morning.

*Excellent tacos by the park.

How about a custom front drive low rider?

And there are motorized tricycles.

I wish this were mine.

The green grocer on powered wheels.


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