La Tienda
The Neighborhood Store

These little Mon and Pop stores are ubiquitous.  No matter where you are, there is una tienda within easy walking distance.  Some are called Miscelanea, others are called Mini-Super.  For this story, I visited three operated by friends.

The first one, La Gloria, is on my street just two blocks from my house.

I come here often (maybe too often) when I need a junk food fix.

I have observed a great deal of socializing among the ladies of the neighborhood with Gloria and with each other.



Just a few blocks away is La Gloria 2, which is run by Gloria's husband, Hugo.  There is also a lot of socializing here with the men of the neighborhood.


These pictures do not show how very crowded these little stores are -- barely room to walk between the shelves.


On the other side of town is a mini operated by the family of my English student, Misael, shown here with his father who is also a high school teacher.


Below are some snaps from these tiendas.

The coolers are full of sodas, milk, fruit juice, yogurt and cheese.  There is ice cream at Isabella's.

You'll always find several kinds of beans, masa and, often, bird feed.

Fresh produce usually is limited to chiles, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, bananas and, sometimes, lettuce.

This is junk food heaven. Sodas,  candy, cookies and chips abound.

Gloria also sells school supplies.


Some tiendas sell hamburgers and hot dogs on weekend evenings.

This one is operated by Gloria and Hugo's son, Misrain,  in front of Gloria's tienda on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Misrain has been doing this for several years.  He frugally saved his profits until he was able to buy a used VW beetle recently.  Not bad for a teenager.

It is typical for a hamburger to contain a slice of ham along with the usual ingredients and toasted buns.

I come by for one or two almost every Friday or Saturday night.

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