Teacapan Seafood Restaurant

732 Valdez Carrillo at Aquiles Serdan, Torreón  Website with menu

I heard about this place because a friend is a waiter here, so Nery and I came to check it out.  I knew the restaurant was in a converted house in a residential neighborhood, but I was still surprised at the very plain look of the place.  There is a banner sign and a charcoal grill under the tree behind Nery's pickup.

We entered through the white door into a large patio-like seating area with a high roof and several openings that fill the room with sunlight.  A very comfortable setting. The picture shows the back half of the seating area.


We began, as always, with shrimp cocktails.  Lots of shrimp and very good.

We were studying the menu when my friend Gabriel brought this whole snapper.  He said it would be filleted, cut into pieces and deep fried.  We decided to try it.  That turned out to be a good choice.  A bit expensive ($600 pesos = $45 dollars), but damn tasty.


After deep frying the pieces, including the head and tail, the chef arranged them on the serving platter in the form of a fish. 

The platter included salad and rice.  There was a warmer of tortillas on the side which Nery used to make fish tacos.  I ate my fish straight.

There was enough here for four people, but Nery and I managed to put a major dent in it.  Nery took home just a little leftover.

This is the third fish-only restaurant we have tried.  I think this is our new favorite because of its relaxed, sunny setting and, most importantly, it is close to Lerdo -- just across the bridge into Torreón.  The other two places are very far away.

For our second visit, we brought our other two lunch buddies for a glorious seafood fiesta..

For starters a couple of the guys had shrimp cocktails.  I had fish seviche on a tostada.  Then we ordered six dishes to be shared among the four of us.  We ended with cheese cake and ice cream.


Top row from the left:

Shrimp al coco (coated with coconut)

Salmon baked with herbs

Shrimp mojo de ajo (garlic)


Bottom row:

Shrimp diabla (in a spicy sauce)

Veracruzano fillet 

Shrimp tocineta (wrapped in bacon)


All the dishes included rive and either salad or veggies.

In Alex's car on the way home, we voted the salmon and the bacon shrimp as the best dishes.  The garlic shrimp and the Veracruzano did not impress us. I really liked the diablo sauce as a sop for the garlic bread.  I had never had coconut-crusted shrimp with a coconut milk dipping sauce.  Very good.




The chef, Ricardo, is opening the aluminum foil tent in which the herb laden salmon was baked. 



Today's tab with tip was $1600 pesos = about $125 dollars, a little over $30 dollars each.

There are four Teacapan restaurants in Torreón.  The other three are more upscale.  They are located at:

Francisco I. Madero 315, Col.Centro

Sucursal Plaza El fresno Blvd. Independencia 3778, Col. El Fresno

Paseo del Tecnologico 776, Col. Residencial la Rosa

For home delivery call :  871 793 0464

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