Building My House in Tarzana

Five skylights and every damn one of them leaked at first.  It took longer to fix the leaks than the original install.

The blue platform rocker chair is so comfortable.  My grandfather bought it from the Sears catalog when he graduated from medical school in 1901.  Over a hundred years later, it is my siesta chair in Mexico.

My mother was a painter.  Pictures that didn't sell in the local gallery became Christmas and birthday presents for family. 

My bedroom was the only place where we changed the footprint of the building.  I was a little nervous about that, but it worked well.  We got a good seal on the roof -- no leaks.

Enrique and Miguel are making a new back door.  Miguel was Enrique's friend from Lerdo.  Now he is my other English-speaking friend in Lerdo.  More about him soon when I make a photo essay on his pottery factory.
I taught Enrique how to do plumbing; he taught me how to weld.  He is a better plumber than I am a welder.
My dog Rocky and his buddy Ratso.


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