Taco vs. Taquito
¿Which is it?

Well, it sort of depends on where you live.  It my part of México, the names tend to be interchangeable, although most people, when pressed, will agree that the things on the left are tacos, while the ones on the right are sometimes called tacos dorados (golden tacos), but more commonly they are taquitos.  In the USA, they are always taquitos.


Taquitos or Tacos Dorados

My friend Esperanza says she only knows them as tacos (left) and taquitos (right), and that tacos dorados are tacos closed with a toothpick and fried golden brown.  Check out her excellent food/cooking website.

A couple of others have reported that taquitos are also called flautas (flutes).

One lady who lives on the coast reports that in her area a taco dorado is a fish taco made with the fish called dorado.

Confused?  Me too.

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