Rincón del Bife Argentine Restaurant

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We have been to the other Argentine restaurant (Garufa) several times before discovering this place.  Nery and I went to check it out.  It passed with flying colors although there was some confusion between their standard Spanish menu and the English version they gave me, but we got it worked out.

We started with Argentine-style empanadas which were excellent.  (forget to take pictures).

The menu has a Grandfather's Salad of spinach and shrimp that sounded good, so I ordered it. 

There was no warning on the menu about what it really is. 

It's huge, enough for four, and it took two waiters about 15 minutes to build it at the table. 

It's OMG good.  I can't remember when I've had a salad this good.

He's spreading a white wine and mustard sauce that the spinach will be tossed in.

The shrimp is being cooked with a bit of bacon and bacon fat. It will be topped off with a brandy flambé.

After the shrimp is mixed with the spinach, the salad is topped with thin apple slices and a sprinkle of crushed nuts.

Nery was hoping for quail, but not available today, so he had a tender, juicy steak.

Both of our entrées came with fresh, tender asparagus with a drizzle of cheese sauce. So good!

I had baked shrimp in an Alfredo sauce with mushrooms and a few pieces of asparagus. Some pasta would have been nice.

We were too full for dessert, very unusual for us. That salad was over the top. 

$1,068 pesos with tip and valet parking -- about $83 dollars at today's exchange rate,

This visit got off to a rough start, as I tripped and fell on the way in.  Since I have only one working eye, and it doesn't work real well,  I have problems seeing steps, especially small steps.  On the way in there are 4 steps; I missed the last one.  Most of the restaurants we have visited are not handicapped friendly.


Two weeks later we returned.

Last time, we were mildly peeved by the slow service from the kitchen. This time it was even slower, and the room was not that crowded.

This time I managed the steps without falling.

We had the big salad again and some other things not pictured.

Total with tip was $1500 pesos, about $115 dollars for 4 people.

Brocheta Mar y Tierra = Skewer of shrimp and steak Frutti di Mar = Fruits of the sea --linguini with clams, mussels and a wonderful salsa.

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