Pollo Mole

Mole is a rich chile sauce with a hint of sweet chocolate that is usually served with shredded chicken.  It is the standard birthday party fare as well as a lunch-time treat.
The ingredients shown on the left are sesame seeds, chocolate, ancho chiles, a prepared mole paste, and dried currants.  Also water, a little onion, and sugar will be used.
Doņa Martha begins by pan toasting and reconstituting the dried currants in vegetable oil.  

Then the anchos and the sesame seeds are toasted in the oil.  She also sautés a quarter of a large white onion.


Several chicken halves have been set to simmer.

The toasted ingredients and the chocolate are placed into the blender.

Some of the chicken cooking water is added to the blender.

It works better to be sure the lid is secure before starting the blender.  :-) 

The prepared mole paste is scraped out and dissolved in some more of the chicken cooking water.

The rice is just starting to toast.  

(I am a one-thing-at-a-time cook, so I am always amazed at how she can keep up with so many things going on at the same time.  Including various grandkids demanding her attention and, sometimes, her mediation.  All her married children have their own homes nearby, but still her house is the hub of the family)

The blended chile sauce and sugar are added to the mole paste.  More chicken cooking water is added to bring the mixture to a soup-like consistency.

This is not low-fat cooking -- the cooking water contains a lot of chicken fat -- and flavor.

The chicken has boiled for about an hour.

When it has cooled, Martha begins to remove the fat (for the dog) and shreds the meat.

The shredded meat is added to the mole, stirred in and reheated.   With rice and tortillas it is ready for me to pig out.

Bobi, the new puppy, had his first taste of chicken.  At first Rodrigo hand fed him, then we gave him a bone with a bit of meat still clinging. He striped the bone like a real pro.  When one of the kids tried to take the bone away, his little growls had everyone laughing. Every home should have a puppy.
And Doņa Martha's pollo mole.

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