Pollo Adobo
Steamed Chicken with Achiote Sauce


Doņa Martha begins by cutting the chicken into serving pieces -- drum sticks, thighs, and half breasts.  Then she removes the skin and visible fat.


For the achiote sauce, she purees half of a white onion, two small cloves of garlic and one package (110g) of annatto condiment paste with about two cups of water.


The chicken is placed in the sauce to marinate for a few minutes at room temperature. 

Each piece will be individually wrapped in aluminum foil for steaming,



The spices to be added to each foil package are bay leaves and thyme.



The pieces coated with the sauce and spices are wrapped and set in a steamer where they will cook for about 50 minutes -- until the meat is falling off the bones.

The spaghetti was broken into short pieces before being boiled with a whole onion and a couple of garlic cloves then tossed with heavy cream.

With an avocado salad and fresh tortillas, it's an excellent low-cost meal.  Today 9 adults and 3 kids had a fine lunch for about $200 pesos (less than US$20),

If you wish to write to Doņa Martha, you may send an e-mail to martha@rollybrook.com
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