Shotoku Sushi Restaurant

Miguel Alemán Blvd at Paraga Street, Gómez Palacio  Google Street View

This place is about 7 minutes from my house, so it has become our home sushi bar.  Of the 4 sushi places Nery and I have tried in Laguna, this one ranks as number 1 for location, number 1 for cost, and  #2 for menu. It takes a hit because another place has a better fish salad, but it is far away and more expensive.

The place takes it's name from an early ruler of Japan, Prince Shotoku (574–622).  It was he who first established a functioning central government.

He is also remembered as the man who invented sushi.  Thank you, Prince Shotoku.  I love sushi.

These pictures were taken early on a Sunday afternoon.  Later the place was very busy.  They do a large take out business.

Like the other sushi bars we have tried, the fish selection is limited, but they do serve wasabi (which I like and Nery hates) and pickled ginger. 

My good friend Nery is my driver and lunch companion.

They have several different fish and cucumber salads which we have tried and enjoyed, but my favorite is still miso soup -- even on a hot June day.

They offer only six kinds of traditional sushi along with a large number of rolls. 

They also have a number of non-sushi cooked dishes which we have not tried yet.

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