Doņa Martha's 60th Birthday

Birthday time is carne asada time.

On the left onions and potatoes wrapped in foil are laying in a bed of coals.

On the right Gonzalo is preparing the hot grill by scrubbing it with an onion.


Two kinds of meat for tonight's party -- Mexican sausages and thin sliced beef sold especially for carne asada.


While Gonzalo is preparing the grill and beginning the cooking, some of the ladies and kids are making  decorations for the Christmas tree that is being set up tonight.  (3 December)

Round one of the feasting.  25 family and friends will sit at this table before the evening is over.

The Mormon missionaries came too.  About half the  family and I are Mormons.

Following a round of hardy  singing, Martha cut her cake.  Double chocolate -- soooo good.

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