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Last update 7 July 2011

GPS Maps:

General information about GPS and product recommendations:

Bicimapas English

Bicimapas Spanish

Garmin maps - 2011  Garmin GPS seems to be widely accepted as the gold standard in GPS maps.  Their newer systems include preloaded maps of Canada, USA and Mexico.  They have an updating service that will keep the maps up-to-date.

Microsoft Streets and Trips software with a GPS receiver can turn your laptop into an interactive guide.  A detailed review of the 2011 version is here.  Available from Amazon.

Vendors: in Spanish

Print Maps:

In the USA or Canada it is easy to find good, up-to-date road maps of those countries, but this is not true of Mexico.  All the road maps of Mexico that I have seen for sale in the USA are inadequate, inaccurate and out of date.  By far the best Mexican road maps are made in Mexico by Guía Roji.  They make a huge variety of maps -- country, state and city maps as well as an atlas which I use.  Here are links to on-line stores where you can order them.  Note that these stores sell other brands of maps, so be sure you are ordering Guía Roji if you want the best.  I recommend their Atlas for greatest detail.

Guía Roji has very good street maps of several cities in Mexico.

The site also has a catalog of their highway maps.

The default language of the website is Spanish, but English is available by a click in the upper right corner. offers  Guía Roji maps and many others including a typographical map of Copper Canyon and several GPS maps.

A word of caution about these print maps:  Their accuracy is not always what we have come to expect from road maps in the USA.

On-Line Maps:  This website has highly detailed maps of the states in Mexico plus a 2-part map of DF.  They are in a PDF format which can be zoomed and saved to your hard drive, but they cannot be printed.  They are for sale in a large format. contains a number of route maps from various cities to DF.

These two maps are by the Secretaria de Comunicaciones Y Transportes (SCT)  They are the most detailed maps I have found. This site provides highly detailed information on the location and population of even the tiniest villages.  The search is State>Municipality>town.  I think this one is amazing.

A good on-line map and trip planner can be found at

Another trip planner website using a less graphical mapping technology  

This map site offers detailed maps of the Texas/Mexico border crossing towns in the lower Rio Grand area: 

There is a lot of useful information here:

And here: 

This one is especially for RVers:

Archeological sites map: (neat stuff here) 

Google Earth and Google Street View now cover much of México.

Mexican Toll Roads

This website gives a cartoon route map, mileage (kilometers), typical drive time and tolls (pesos) for travel between any two points on the Mexican toll road system.  It's in Spanish.

Rutas Punto a Punto


Geographical Maps:

INEGI = Instituto Nacional de Estadística Geografía e Informática is a government agency that makes and sells a wide variety of geographical maps.  They have stores in most larger cities.  It's a toy store for map lovers.

They also have a 4-CD set of their 1:250,000 maps of the country.  These are topographical maps showing the elevation, hydrology, mapping, name and location of the localities, names of water bodies and terrain features, etc.  They are not road maps.  You can order here in Spanish.  With tax, etc, the cost is $172.50 pesos.

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