Koto Sushi Restaurant

There are two Kotos in Torreón. They are the very best sushi restaurants we have found.

They have an excellent miso soup, and their "special" salad is the pièce de résistance. It's a mound of julienned cucumber covered with chopped sushi and topped with roe.  It reminds me of a volcano with fire at the top.  It is large enough for two to share.

They offer a huge variety of rolls.

The traditional sushi pieces are the largest I have ever seen. There are eight different ones.  This picture was taken after I had scoffed down two and half of my eight.

On our most recent visit, Nery and I had each had the special salad and eight sushis.  With sodas and tip, the bill was $940 pesos = about $72 dollars. Sushi is not cheap, but I do love it.

20 August 2012

My three students joined me for my 81st birthday,  We left very full if fish,

From the left:  Nery came to my house 6 years ago (2006)  in that time he has stated and finished college and become pretty proficient in English.  Alex and Misa came a year later.  Alex has now finished college.  Misa is in his final year of medical school.

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