Huarichick Seafood Restaurant

This is our favorite seafood restaurant.  It's a bit far from Lerdo, but the food is worth the long drive to the other side of Torreón.

Javier has been our waiter for all our visits. He does a very good job

The food is good, although some of it is a bit more spicy than I really like, but I can deal with it.


Five large shrimp wrapped with bacon, grilled and covered with BBQ sauce.  One of my favorites.

One of their specialties oysters on the half shell which I dearly love.

Top left - Shrimp Cocktail
Top right - Mixed Seafood Cocktail Bottom - Shrimp Soup



Shrimp covered with a cheese dressing they call Rockefeller.

Fillet of white fish with the  Rockefeller dressing.


Grilled Salmon

Pescado ala Veracruzana (spicy)

On another visit with the guys, we were all hyped-up for oysters on the half shell, but they were out, sold out yesterday.  This was a holiday weekend (Independence Day), so they had done a brisk business. We were disappointed about the oysters, but we left fully stuffed anyway.

Javier was not our waiter this time.  His section was full.  But he did come by several times to say Hi. Our waiter did a good jib, but Javier is special.

Nery and I have our food while Misa and Alex are still waiting.  As always. the fish and shrimp were excellent.  The seafood soup was a little more spicy than I really like, but I ate it all.  Salmon salads came later.

The tab with desserts and tip was $1250 pesos or about US$96 at today's exchange rate.

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