Guisado de Res en Salsa de Jitomate
Beef Stew in Tomato Sauce

Doņa Martha  begins by cutting thin sliced flank steak into pieces about the size of large postage stamps.

They are set to simmer in a bit of vegetable oil while the other ingredients are prepared.


Daughter Martha is dicing potatoes that will be microwaved until almost done before being added to the meat.



A handful of fresh cilantro is added.


Half of a large white onion, three cloves of garlic and some coriander seeds are pureed with a little water.  They are added to the meat along with about two cups of packaged tomato puree.

A small can of corn and a small can of mixed vegetables are added along with addition water to thin the broth to a soup-like consistency. 

While the meat continues to simmer, Doņa Martha begins the jalapeno salsa that will be served on the side.  Five jalapenos and three plum tomatoes are set over the flame to blacken.

She removes the blacken skins to begin grinding chiles, tomatoes and two cloves of garlic in a small molcajete.

She also has a much larger one for making large quantities of salsa. 

The large one has a pig's face on it, so I like to make a play on words in Spanish: la cochina en la cocina -- a sow in the kitchen.

Served with rice, tortillas and freshly made lemonade, it's a fine lunch.

The family has eaten, the dishes await in the sink, but first a short siesta is in order.

Today is June 15 and it is 100š F outside. Thank goodness  the air conditioning in her new house works very well.

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