Enchiladas Suizas

An Enchilada Suiza  is a chicken enchilada covered with a special green chile sauce and topped with melted cheese.  How the sauce is made -- the choice of the chile, cheese and cream is a matter of personal taste.  If you do a Google for Enchilada Suiza, you will find many recipes with great variations.  Marthaís recipe uses green bell peppers, canned cream, and Chihuahua and American cheeses.  She could have used roasted poblano chiles, fresh or sour cream, and Swiss cheese; or any number of other combinations.  She intended to use Swiss cheese, but there wasn't any in the market today.

While the bone-in chicken breasts are simmering, Martha begins making the chile sauce.

Green bell peppers are placed in the blinder along with a few slices of American cheese and a can of cream.  She also adds a cup of the chicken cooking water.


When the chicken is done, she removes the skin and visible fat.

The shredding is done both by fork and by fingers. 



While Martha drags the tortillas through hot oil, her sister Rosa begins rolling the enchiladas.


The enchiladas are placed two deep in a well buttered baking dish and then covered with the green chile sauce.


They are covered with grated Chihuahua cheese and then a few pieces of American cheese are laid on top before going into the oven just long enough to met the cheeses.

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