Last Update 6 August 2014

CURP = Clave Única de Registro de Población, is a unique identity code for both citizens and residents of Mexico.  It needed for obtaining most government services including opening a bank account.

A non-citizen can have a CURP number only with a Residente status.  A Visitante cannot get a number.  Only the INM can issue CURP numbers to non-citizens.  Usually your CURP with appear on your Residente card.  If it doesn't, go to your INM office to get the number.

When an INM office gets a CURP for you, you will not have a CURP ID card.  You will need this card or a copy for various government services. 

If you don't have the card (lost, never had one, etc), you can print an official copy of your card at this website.  The opening page has two sections:

The top section accepts your CURP. 

If you don't know your CURP, fill out the lowed section and your CURP will be retrieved for you.

After filling out either option, press Buscar.  A new page will open with all your information.  Press Imprimir Formato. A new page will open asking if you wish to be on a government e-mail list.  If you don't want to signup, press Cerrar Ventana which will open another useless page.  Again press Cerrar Ventana, and you will arrive at a PDF with a printable copy of your card.  Save the file and print as many copies as you need.

Cut it along the edges, fold it in half so you get a front and back, and have it laminated at Office Depot or elsewhere and you will have a new official card.

This program will not create a CURP.  

Here is how a CURP is built: The CURP code is composed of 18 characters that are assigned as follows:

  • The first surname's initial and first inside vowel;

  • The second surname's initial (or the letter "X" if, like some foreign nationals, the person has no second surname);

  • The first given name's initial;

  • Date of birth (2 digits for year, 2 digits for month, and 2 digits for day);

  • A one-letter gender indicator (H for male (hombre in Spanish) or M for female (mujer in Spanish));

  • A two-letter code for the state where the person was born; for persons born abroad, the code NE (nacido en el extranjero) is used;

  • The first surname's first inside consonant;

  • The second surname's first inside consonant or X;

  • The first given name's first inside consonant; and

  • A two digit number for people born before 2000 or from A-Z for people born since 2000; these characters are generated to prevent identical entries.

  • An example:  My name is Winston Rollins Brook.  I was born in the USA 20 August 1931.  So my CURP is:


    RFC = Registro_Federal_de_Contribuyent, Federal Taxpayers Registry

    You can get your RFC online here:

    You will need to enter your CURP.  You will see a SAT card with your RFC.  You can print this card to show to your bank.


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