Every Friday and Saturday evening, two college kids, Chico and his new bride, Brenda, make hamburgers and hot dogs from a stand in the street outside his grandmother's (Doņa Martha's) house.  Chico helped his father and uncle Coco build the stand in the family welding shop. The stand is on wheels so it can be moved when it's needed somewhere else.


Chico's father, Enrique, and little brother Julio are waiting for their burgers.


I'm already hard at work on mine.  Very good, and almost too big.  I took two home for lunch and supper tomorrow.

UpDate:  The newly weds now have another money-making venture.  Once a week they make tamales and sweet empanadas to sell at the university where they attend.  Thus far they are averaging a 275% profit.

The combined income from the two business is enough to put food on their table and buy propane for cooking and gasoline for their car.  Not bad for a couple of young college kids.

4 May 2010 UpDate: My one-day-per-week housekeeper for the past 10 years quit to be a full-time cook at a down town restaurant, so now Chico and Brenda are my Saturday morning housekeepers.

19 June 2010 UpDate:  Now that school is out, the tamales and empanadas have been set aside for the summer.  They have expanded the hamburger stand business.  No longer just weekends, they are now open at 5:00PM every night selling 7 flavors of snow cones as well as hamburgers and hot dogs. In this hot weather, they are making more money from snow cones than from hamburgers.  They buy the shaved ice, and Brenda's mother makes the fruit juices.

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