Mexican Bread Pudding

Doņa Martha makes a variation of the classical recipe for capirotada.  The standard recipe calls for a cheese sauce which Martha does not use.

On this day the decision to make capirotada was made at the last minute, so there was no day old bread which is the usual base, so she pan toasted the fresh bread.

The sauce (syrup)  is water, brown sugar, cloves and cinnamon sticks boiled until it begins to thicken. 

After straining to remove the cloves and cinnamon sticks, raisins and peanuts are added and returned to the stove for further thickening.

Grandson Michael watches as she layers the toasted bread and pours some of the sauce over each layer.

When all the liquid is absorbed, individual slices of the bread are removed and sprinkled with shredded coconut and sugar sprinkles.   Mighty good eating!

The classic recipe calls for almonds.  Today Doņa Martha used peanuts.  Sometimes she uses pecans (my favorite). 

Sometimes she uses a variety of diced dried fruit along with the raisins -- sort of a Mexican fruit cake. 

On the right is another version she made with whole wheat bread topped with bananas and raisins.

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