Dr. Uribes' Camp Stove

The Uribes family (my English student Alex) loves to go camping and eat well as they camp.  So Dr. Uribes has built this unusual camp stove.  It's a combination oven, grill and rotisserie. He also uses it at home from time to time.  These pictures are from the day I was invited to a fish lunch party at their house.  I have also eaten pizza cooked in this oven.

The stove consists of 6 parts:

  • The box is made of reinforced plywood with a metal liner inside.

  • An oven tray with handles for lifting it in and out.

  • A fire pan that sits atop the box.

  • A grill that fits above the fire.

  • A comal sheet that sits on the grill. (not shown here)

  • A rotisserie that turns above the fire.  (not shown here)

The fish is laid on the oven pan.

Then the fish is covered with foil to keep it moist as it cooks.

Alex lowers the pan into the oven.

Alex lays a charcoal fire in the fire box.  When it is ready, it is set in place over the oven box.

With the grill set above the fire,
the carne asada is cooking while
the fish is baking below.

The fish comes out of the oven ready to be plated.

Both the fish and the carne asada were cooked to perfection.

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