Air and Bus Transportation
Last Update 9 August 2012

Mexico is served by a number the airlines from around the world.  Some of them are:


American Airline

ATA Airlines

British Airways



Frontier Airlines

Lufthansa - UK

US Airways (America West)

Mexico has a number of national and regional airlines. 

Full-fare airlines include:

Aero California



Low-cost airlines include:

Alma de Mexico





This website provides reviews of several of the low-cost airlines:

The Mexican bus system is among the best in the world.  It is possible to go by bus from anywhere to anywhere in the country.  There are several classes of buses ranging from old and beat-up to luxury liners far better than anything in the USA.  There are many bus lines, but none that is truly national in scope, which means that traveling long distances will sometimes require changing bus lines along the way. Autobus Americanos comes the closest to being a nation-wide company.

(Except for a couple of tourist excursion lines, there is no passenger train service in Mexico.)

Many of the long distance luxury bus lines operate at night thus allowing passengers to sleep while traveling.  This has the advantage of leaving days free for sightseeing or business.  Of course it also has the disadvantage of missing the scenery along the way, but there are other buses for day-time travel.

These links will provide much, but not total, information.  Not all bus lines have websites. 

General Information and Multiple Listings

Larpman's Mexico - Transportation  Lots of good information here.

Bus Across Mexico

Traveling by Bus in Mexico

Indiviual Bus Companies

This company has many routes into the USA and has routes in most of México, except the Yucatan: Autobus Americanos

Primera Plus:


Omnibus de Mexico:

Grupo Senda:

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