Bistro Garden

My first visit to Bistro Garden was with my English students. The four of us enjoyed sharing 9 different dishes: fried shrimp, tuna steaks, tuna tartar. spicy Buffalo wings, chicken fajitas, assorted fish tostadas, onion rings, fried jalapeņos, and fried mozzarella cheese sticks.  As though that was not enough, we had decadent desserts.

In this picture, the food is just beginning to arrive.

The best dishes were the pepper tuna steak and the boneless chicken wings.  Really good.

The tab with a generous tip (excellent service) was $2,000 pesos or about $167 dollars. 

On the left on the way to the restrooms, there is a bridge over a little fish pond.

A few months later, Nery and I heard the tuna steaks calling us back.  The tuna is pictured on the left along with a plate of raw beef steak sliced paper thin and served with a caper sauce, damn good.

On the right is a plate of boneless chicken wings and a half gone plate of mixrd seafood.  The crab cakes were outstanding.

For dessert I had this fresh brownie with ice-cream.  It was more than I could hold, so Nery had to finish it,


Antoņo was our very efficient waiter.

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